Fate Reforged

Cool! Spoilers?

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Spoiler! Hexproof and trample seems good on a big body.


Spoiler! Hexproof and trample seems good on a big body.

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Finally gonna finish building a Vintage deck online.


Why you ask? 

This card rocks some socks. Can you say Ancestral Recall X3? 

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Drax learns Magic The Gathering…



Drax learns Magic The Gathering…


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Sorin complacent over Ugin’s rest? Or has he come to Tarkir for aid against the Eldrazi?

Move over, let’s not ignore the massive spine that is prevalent in both Sorin’s background image and Ugin’s Nexus. That may very well be Ugin’s spine.

Does that mean Bolas has already been to Tarkir? Could he had played his hand in the death of all dragonkind? Or am I just overanalyzing things like I usually do? But if he had, Bolas certainly must have feared Ugin enough to seal him away (or found him rather annoying).

Ugin’s Nexus is cool, I’m sure I’ll give it a try in something. Sorin is decent bit bitter revelation is a bit boring.

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on the plus side the new legendaries in the upcoming set look like incredible EDH generals

esp that second one

it almost makes me want to play White

Cool new generals. I wonder if Sidisi would work in my Damia deck. Maybe I could replace Damia and change the deck up a bit…

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Finally finished my EDH deck~ ((Most of the time it took was spent scrounging through my thousands of unsorted cards for Forests ;o;))


Jugan, The Rising Star


  • Ancient Silverback
  • Battering Krasis
  • Carnage Wurm
  • Centaur Battlemaster
  • Charging Badger
  • Charging Rhino
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Very, very rough draft of Ral Zarek EDH deck


Commander: Ral Zarek
1 Psychic Venom
1 Aerie Worshippers
1 Arbiter of the Ideal
1 Daring Thief
1 Deepwater Hypnotist

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Commanding Opinion - Toshiro Umezawa Commander/EDH →


Hey guys! I wrote some more stuff for! This time it’s about building EDH decks for Toshiro Umezawa! Check it, and all of the other cool articles on their site, out!

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