Three “infinite” combos, because I hate being that much of a jerk, there’s a lot of interaction so they’re really easy to interrupt. They’re also incredibly obvious.
1- Azami (or Arcanis) and Mind Over Matter, infinite draw, go figure blue players.

2- Grand Architect and Pili-Pala, 6 mana, infinite land (pair with Oona for the most efficient results).

3- Time Sieve and Thopter Assembly, the most humane “infinite” turn combo I could use.

The one foreseeable issue is that there are not a lot of draw cards in the deck, I suppose I’ll work on that sooner rather than later that aren’t creatures.

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Ravenica Guilds Wall Decal by
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I just built my first Commander →


Mosters love Music [EDH]

It seems to play well on Solo Rounds. I’m gonna get some equipment and more Shamans for it hopefully on Monday and will thoroughly test it against other Commander decks…

As of now this is running surprisingly smooth, but then again what do I know, this is my first…

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3D Life Counter: Timbermare by ThirdOfClubs

3D Life Counter: Steel Hellkite by ThirdOfClubs
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I think I was aware that EDH was Commander, but I don’t think I ever purposefully thought about it.

Elder Dragon Highlander is a much cooler name than Commander though.

I know, right?

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Teysa EDH →


This is my Teysa, Orzhov Scion EDH deck.

Combos are fun, right guys?

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MTG Deck: Dimir Mill →


My first EDH deck?? I made a Dimir themed Mill? I know doing that for EDH is crazy i just figured it would be fun

so pls give me feedback cause ive never played EDH before so i need help

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General Assumptions - Part 3 →


General Assumptions - Part 3 - Pre-Constructed Misery

Part 1: Here

Part 2: Here

A disclaimer before we dive into things: this one is long.

It turns out that when Wizards sets themselves to designing Commanders specifically for EDH those Commanders end up pretty powerful. The…

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