MTG Deck: I Speak For the Trees →


I’m like 70/100 of the way towards completing this deck. 

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MTG Deck: Kruphix, God of Horizons EDH →


Hi everyone! I just recently made this new EDH deck and I LOVE IT but I feel like it could be even better. I would love to hear some feedback on it and some suggestions. :)

Stay awesome.

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Commander of the Week #1: Ashling The Pilgrim →



Hey, welcome to commander of the week #1! It’s kinda like that shit I do everynight but less reliable and not at all like that the more I think about it. ANYways…

Commander Assesment:

Alright, Ashling only costs 2 mana to drop and is one color. Her ability buffs her and has…

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How to lose friends and alienate people (Commander Version)


At the request of mtgfan I am going to tell you folks today how to permanently get rid of someone’s commander. This is by no means easy, but if you pulled it off it would be hilarious. Also, this was figured out by some people at mtgsalvation, not by me.

(note: I posted this up the other day and forgot a step)

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[Primer]] Kaalia's New World Order - Multiplayer Commander Decklists - Commander (EDH) - The Game - MTG Salvation Forums - MTG Salvation →


Bet you guys didn’t know I had a Kaalia deck primer on MTG Salvation! =D 

I finally found time to post the updated list and go into detail about my decisions (on the most recent page). Take a look and let me know what you think! 

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jadestone5897 said: If i put up a decklist of my untested EDH deck could i have some advice back? Im mostly a casual/limited player but want to get into EDH :)



Yeah, sure! :) I’ve got a bit of a backlog (sorry everyone!), but I’ll go through any new submissions first and try to catch up on the older ones as I can.

Here’s the decklist:

Sorry, didn’t get any blogging in for a week or so. Is your decklist up somewhere still? That link is broken.

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Help with EDH...? :) →






I’m fairly new to EDH and this is a deck i made, just wanting some advice or suggestions :) i currently haven’t tested it against an another actual EDH, i’ve played against other ~60 card causal decks (:

I see two things…

Thanks for the advice! :) unfortunately i don’t have old Niv, and my budget isn’t very big.

I might change it up a bit tonight, make it more based around keranos or even melek rather than just an izzet deck, i also need to find a sol ring.

But anyway, thanks for the advice, now just to find some people to play :)

Well old Niv doesn’t cost much, definitely less than Sol ring

I live in New Zealand so buying things online in a different currency is a little bit difficult unfortunately, but i will see if anyone at my LGS has one for trade/sale

Have you tried Pucatrade? Http://

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