Three “infinite” combos, because I hate being that much of a jerk, there’s a lot of interaction so they’re really easy to interrupt. They’re also incredibly obvious.
1- Azami (or Arcanis) and Mind Over Matter, infinite draw, go figure blue players.

2- Grand Architect and Pili-Pala, 6 mana, infinite land (pair with Oona for the most efficient results).

3- Time Sieve and Thopter Assembly, the most humane “infinite” turn combo I could use.

The one foreseeable issue is that there are not a lot of draw cards in the deck, I suppose I’ll work on that sooner rather than later that aren’t creatures.

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stargrenwolfehammerthegreen said: So how many edh decks do you have?


I keep losing count. At the moment…

39. I think.

Ritual of the Returned 3 B Instant Exile target creature card from your graveyard. Put a black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield with power equal to the exiled card’s power and toughness equal to the exiled card’s toughness. illus. Zack Stella # 80/165
A nice showing by black so far, especially King Macar. Exiling a creature practically every turn is crazy, the mana is just a bonus. I’m not surprised to see Worst Fears, I was wondering when they’d do a card like it. I’m sure it’ll feature as a finisher in some decks, although it isn’t really as abusable as Mindslaver or Sorin. Extinguish All Hope seems to be the usual 6-mana sweeper. Handy in the right decks, but not great in others. Silence the Believers is pretty powerful, unconditional exiling makes it very versatile and the strive is great for Commander. Master of the Feast should be interesting… just not for Commander :S Doomwake Giant seems like it doesn’t really do enough with its effect. It’s decent for 5 mana, but it’s not powerful. Squelching Leeches will find a place in some mono-black decks. Ritual of the Returned and Gnarled Scarhide probably aren’t super for Commander.

Dictate of the Twin Gods - These effects always have a home in some decks, I’m sure this’ll get plenty of play.
Spawn of Thraxes - Interesting, a Spire Barrage stapled to a beefy creature. It’s not amazing, but it isn’t bad either.
Eidolon of the Great Revel or “Pyrostatic Pillar creature”. Looks good, I guess it’ll end up in the same decks as the original enchantment.
Cyclops of Eternal Fury - The “all your creatures” cards are always worth looking at, but this guy is probably too expensive for the effect.
Spite of Mogis will probably struggle to be worth a slot in Commander, it does too little damage until late in the game.
Satyr Hopelite and Mogis’s Warhound aren’t bad, but probably won’t see much play in Commander.

Commander thoughts:

Scourge of the Fleet is my favourite here. It’s a handy ability on a 7 mana 6/6, it won’t be for every deck, but it’s really cool.

Sage of Hours is nuts. Straight into my Kraj deck. He’s going to be so broken in some decks.

Dictate of Kruphix is a cool way of doing a new howling mine, I’m sure it’ll have its place.

Hypnotic siren is a really interesting way of using bestow. I don’t know if it’ll see much commander play, but I want to see it happen.

The others don’t seem to be super-relevant for commander. Dakra Mystic is interesting though…

White cards so far! Commander thoughts:
Launch the Fleet seems pretty powerful, I can see it being useful in standard. I’m sure it’ll fit in some Commander decks, but it isn’t quite the right kind of powerful for a lot of token decks.
Godsend is definitely going into some voltron builds. my Kemba deck will probably get it.
Dawnbringer Charioteers is cool, probably only likely to feature in decks trying to abuse Heroic.
Sightless Brawler and Ajani’s Presence are not really Commander cards. :P

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I think if I had this deck I would seek out people to play commander with.

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