jadestone5897 said: If i put up a decklist of my untested EDH deck could i have some advice back? Im mostly a casual/limited player but want to get into EDH :)

Yeah, sure! :) I’ve got a bit of a backlog (sorry everyone!), but I’ll go through any new submissions first and try to catch up on the older ones as I can.

Kaho, Minamo Historian Commander Deck →


  1. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner (Legendary Creature; 1UU): Flying. Creatures you control have “Counter the first spell to target this creature this turn.”
  2. Kaho, Minamo Historian (Legendary Creature; 2UU): ETB exile up to three instant cards from your library. X and tap, You may play one of the cards…
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So, what could happen if the Nephilims were made legendary and allowed to be commanders? Well, I decided to find out. My group was willing to make a Nephilim exception. The only color I would never play in magic is white, so Glint-Eye was my commander of choice. I found his ability lent itself…

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theblackstrawberry said: Narset, Enlightened Master with stacks!

Yes! Especially because it’s a “Whenever ~ attacks” instead of “Whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player”. It’ll be interesting to see how she gets abused in decks like Stacks/Stax

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Finally finished my EDH deck~ ((Most of the time it took was spent scrounging through my thousands of unsorted cards for Forests ;o;))


Jugan, The Rising Star


  • Ancient Silverback
  • Battering Krasis
  • Carnage Wurm
  • Centaur Battlemaster
  • Charging Badger
  • Charging Rhino
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Very, very rough draft of Ral Zarek EDH deck


Commander: Ral Zarek
1 Psychic Venom
1 Aerie Worshippers
1 Arbiter of the Ideal
1 Daring Thief
1 Deepwater Hypnotist

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Three “infinite” combos, because I hate being that much of a jerk, there’s a lot of interaction so they’re really easy to interrupt. They’re also incredibly obvious.
1- Azami (or Arcanis) and Mind Over Matter, infinite draw, go figure blue players.

2- Grand Architect and Pili-Pala, 6 mana, infinite land (pair with Oona for the most efficient results).

3- Time Sieve and Thopter Assembly, the most humane “infinite” turn combo I could use.

The one foreseeable issue is that there are not a lot of draw cards in the deck, I suppose I’ll work on that sooner rather than later that aren’t creatures.

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Wow, I’ve passed 3000 posts on here!

Crazy! Let’s see if I can get another 3000 up! Thanks for following everyone!

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