I think I was aware that EDH was Commander, but I don’t think I ever purposefully thought about it.

Elder Dragon Highlander is a much cooler name than Commander though.

I know, right?

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Teysa EDH →


This is my Teysa, Orzhov Scion EDH deck.

Combos are fun, right guys?

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MTG Deck: Dimir Mill →


My first EDH deck?? I made a Dimir themed Mill? I know doing that for EDH is crazy i just figured it would be fun

so pls give me feedback cause ive never played EDH before so i need help

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General Assumptions - Part 3 →


General Assumptions - Part 3 - Pre-Constructed Misery

Part 1: Here

Part 2: Here

A disclaimer before we dive into things: this one is long.

It turns out that when Wizards sets themselves to designing Commanders specifically for EDH those Commanders end up pretty powerful. The…

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MTG Deck: The Exalted Saint Traft →


Revised this Commander deck to work faster and hit harder, and lemme tell ya: a Hexproof general on turn 3 is hard to deal with. I’ve been playtesting it against my other EDH decks and I’m not sure if Nekusar is a good matchup because Saint Traft wins every time. 

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venomturtle said: I was scrolling through my dash and noticed my decklists reblogged by you, thanks!

No problem! I try to reblog any decklists I see, even if I don’t have time to leave comments. :)

General Assumptions - Part 2 →


General Assumptions - Part 2 - There Can Only Be One (Colour)

(Here is the previous post if you’re curious what this is about:

You and three of your friends picked up the Commander 2013 pre cons and got into the…

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General Assumptions - Part 1 →


General Assumptions - Part 1

You have been dating your partner for a while. The two of you have a lot in common, you get along great, your friends even jive well with each other.

Your partner has never made a secret of their love of games. They taught you to play Settlers of Catan, Arkham…

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Addicted to Pi - My new blog

I made another blog for all my home projects, web projects and general “tech” stuff. I’ve done a lot of work on things like the theme for this blog and I’m also setting up raspberry pis and things at home, so I thought I’d be good to have somewhere to post about it!